I MAY not have made it to Brighton but there was no way Rudy Gestede was going to be stopped.

I was on my way to Saturday’s match when my car broke down on the M25.

That meant I missed Rovers’ 1-1 draw and another goal for Rudy.


Like all Blackburn fans I’ve been really impressed by him.

But to tell the truth, when I first saw him I never imagined he would have this amount of goals in him.

I saw him as someone who could act as a foil to Jordan Rhodes, who could then get on with getting all the goals.

So it’s been a very pleasant surprise to see him keeping pace with Jordan and, this season so far, scoring more than him.

When you are scoring regularly you do feel like you can go out on the pitch, miss-hit a shot and still see it fly into the back of the net.

You are that confident when you are in the vein of form Rudy finds himself in.

Jordan didn’t really get a chance to add to his tally on Saturday as he wasn’t brought on until injury-time.

There’s nothing wrong with going away from home, keeping it tight and playing one up top.

And the benefit of having a goalscorer on the bench is that if you are struggling a bit, you can always bring him on.

I imagine Gary Bowyer thought about bringing on Jordan earlier than he did but with 20 minutes to go, you can become, not over-cautious, but cautious, about not losing what you’ve got.

Sometimes you say to yourself, ‘a point away from home is a good result,’ and maybe what happened at Millwall in the week, when we threw away a two-goal lead at 10-man Millwall, came into Gary’s mind.

As I said in last week’s column I have been surprised by the fact that Brighton are struggling.

But despite that I still think it was a good result.

Yes it could have been better but it still keeps the unbeaten run going and keeps Blackburn right up there.

If I’m being honest we’re in a better position that what I thought we would be at this stage of the season.

I thought we’d be a little further back, not much, but just a bit.

But instead we’re right in there and I’m really happy with that.

The players must be full of confidence.

And that’s why I think the international break may have come at a bad time for Blackburn.

Yes the break gives you a chance to rest up, recover and recuperate, and get to work on things on the training ground.

But there’s nothing better than playing week in and week out and the Blackburn lads at the moment are picking up points every game they play in.

Let’s hope that continues, because if it does, who knows what will happen?