THE defeat to Derby has put a bit more pressure on Blackburn going into the Fulham game tomorrow.

But if they can go to Craven Cottage and get a win, which I fully believe they can, then that would make it six points from the tough three games they will have played this week.

And, at the start of it, I’m sure we would have all taken that.

I think it’s a good time to play Fulham too as they are still to win.

If I was Gary Bowyer I’d be telling my team to get at them early and get that first goal.

If that happens the home fans will no doubt start to get agitated.

That will affect the players, their heads will go down, and I think we would go on to win the game fairly comfortably.

I say comfortably as at the moment we are conceding at least one goal every game.

We need to get back to keeping clean sheets and defending better as a team as quickly as we can.

It is unrealistic to expect to have to score three or four goals every game to win a match.

It was the same at the back end of last season; we were always scoring a few goals but we were conceding a fair few too.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting, and I imagine for the neutral it is good to watch, but you need to keep clean sheets if you want to have success.

And, if Blackburn can get back to keeping them, then there’s a chance they’ll enjoy some success because it is clear we can score goals.

We did that against both Derby and Wigan.

I’m not surprised we lost to Derby because of the three games we were playing this week, I always thought they would be the toughest opponents.

They were play-off finalists last season, they’ve got a top manager, and they’ll be up there again this season – and certainly finish higher than Wigan will do.

But if Blackburn can play the way they did in the second half against Wigan, and for parts of the game against Derby, they will win more than they lose.