BLACKPOOL are still in turmoil, there’s no question about that.

But things will change there – and that’s why I think it’s the perfect time for Rovers to play them.

After what they’ve been through this summer there is no chance the Blackpool players will really know each other – or be fully fit for that matter.

Yes it’s a local derby and yes it’s their first home game of the season but if Rovers keep the ball the way they did against Cardiff – and, crucially, do more with it – they should win the game and win it comfortably.

And there should be no problems with their motivation after what happened in midweek against Scunthorpe.

It was a really disappointing result and it was such a shame as I’m sure Blackburn fans would have liked a good run in the cup.

I’m sure the club would have liked one as well as cup runs do generate money.

But the lads who started against Scunthorpe didn’t take their chance and no doubt Gary Bowyer will go back to the side that started against Cardiff for tomorrow’s match.

I thought it was a decent performance and a fair result against Cardiff. Rovers kept possession really well but they didn’t create enough chances for me.

When you’ve got the ball obviously the opposition can’t score a goal, but when you do have it, you have to make it count.

It does my head in all these percentage statistics about possession because at the end of the day, while keeping the ball is important, it doesn’t win you games – putting the ball in the back of the net does.

Blackburn didn’t give themselves enough chance of doing that against Cardiff, they just didn’t open them up enough.

Credit to Cardiff, they have just come down from the Premier League and they could not have asked for a tougher game to start away from home.

But if Rovers can show a little bit more in the final third tomorrow they should come away from Blackpool with their first three points of the season.