GERMAN instructor Ajarn Ralf Kussler rolled back the years to deliver a Thai Boxing master class in Burnley.

Kussler lived in Burnley from 1985 to 1993 and was back in town to keep an eagle eye on his students at a special Muay Thai/Muay Boran seminar.

Kussler teamed up with teacher Dave Burley and his students at the Hakuda Thai Boxing Gymnasium at the Sandygate venue.

“If it wasn't for Ajarn, I’m pretty sure there would be no Thai Boxing in Burnley, his influence was that strong at the time and he is a true master of his art,” said Burley.

“He set up clubs all over Lancashire and when he came to Burnley he was the only Thai boxing instructor in the area.

“He lives in Germany now, and teaches all over the world, but he still has many loyal students in Burnley and it was great to welcome him back.”

Kussler’s visit proved so popular that the German instructor is set for a further visit to the Burnley gym later in the year.

“We’ve asked him to come back and we are really hopeful that Ajarn will host another seminar here before Christmas.

“I know he enjoyed living in the town and has made many friends in Burnley.”