BLACKBURN Rovers head of sports medicine Dave Fevre has returned to pre-season training with two awards tucked away in his physio bag.

Fevre, who this week celebrates his 15th year at Rovers, was a double winner at the Football Medical Association awards.

The former Manchester United physio was honoured at the event in Leicester for his involvement in more than 1,000 matches before receiving the biggest prize on the night, the outstanding contribution award.

Fevre said: “It was a real honour to win two awards.

“I was aware of the first award and 17 physios – past and present – were presented with that. I have now done over 1,400 games which really surprised me when I was told.

“As for the outstanding contribution award, that was a surprise. I think it made it all the more special because I really wasn’t expecting it.”

Fevre, who was joined at the presentation evening by his colleagues from the Rovers medical department, insists his personal achievements reflect well on the club as a whole.

He said: “I don’t really see it as an award for me as such – it’s more of an award for the club.

“The club have always put so much into the medical side of things ever since I came here in 1999.

“Our job is to try and get the lads on the pitch as much as we can and these type of awards show how much we put into this department as a club.

“The present and previous owners have always been very supportive of the medical and the sports science side.

“They see us as an important department because we are trying to help create the best athletes we possibly can with the players that we have at the club.

“The club has always given me what I needed and my buzz is getting players back on the pitch and the club are of the same mentality.”