I SEE that we have been linked with Doncaster’s Chris Brown. I’ll be completely honest and say I do not know a great deal about him.

But I trust Gary Bowyer’s judgement and, what I do know, is we need another striker as I don’t think there’s a way back for Leon Best, DJ Campbell and David Goodwillie.

But if Brown does come in I can only see him being back up to Jordan Rhodes and Rudy Gestede.

They showed at the back of end of last season what a partnership they are going to be and I can’t see them losing their places unless they get injured.

If we do bring in another striker that’ll make it seven as we also have Best, Campbell and Goodwillie – as well as Jordan Slew.

But those four players have been transfer listed and even if they do remain at the club, I can’t see them getting a chance.

I think their Rovers careers are over and as I’ve said before, it would be better for all concerned if they were to cut their losses and go and get regular football elsewhere.

If they do I’m sure that would help Gary in the transfer market. T

hat said I don’t think there are many other areas in which he needs to strengthen.

As I say we need a back-up striker and we certainly need a right back as it was our problem position last season.

But apart from that, we’re looking pretty good.

That’s important as you only have to look at the teams who are going to be in the Championship next season to realise how hard it is going be.

But unlike a lot of their rivals, Blackburn’s squad is settled as they’ve had a good six months together now.

That means when the players return to pre-season training next month they should hit the ground running as they all know each other and they all know how Gary wants them to play.

I see Gary is excited for the season to get going and I’m sure the fans are too.

We’ve got the World Cup to keep us going but nothing beats watching your own team.

The excitement has been built up with the release of the fixtures.

Now all we need is a signing.