IT is good to see that Venky’s have written an open letter to Blackburn Rovers supporters.

It is, however, long overdue and now they must continue to communicate with the fans.

We are not a Manchester United, a Manchester City or a Liverpool, who also have owners who live halfway around the world.

We are Blackburn Rovers, a town club which is rooted in the community.

Our supporters want to be involved, they want to hear from their owners.

For as long as I played at the club the fans were always kept up to date with what was going on and, with a club of Blackburn’s size, that’s what you need.

So the letter is a start.

It doesn’t cover everything but I think it does show Venky’s have realised they have made major mistakes, at the top level, over the last few years.

They have employed the wrong people but you cannot say that about their employment of Gary Bowyer.

It was good to see them backing him in the letter but, then again, they couldn’t have done anything but back him.

As I’ve said week in, week out this season he has been tremendous and I think it will be good of the owners if Gary asks them to bring a few players in, that they will turn around and say ‘go for it’.

Venky’s have got to turn around and say, ‘you’re doing a great job and we’ll back you in the transfer market as long as it’s not silly money’.

The squad only needs a bit of tweaking. But it’s important we strengthen because, with Financial Fair Play coming in, we need to – and sooner rather than later.

If Venky’s do that hopefully it will mend more bridges – bridges that are going to take a long, long time to be repaired.

And who knows? It may get more supporters back into the football ground.

But it is not going to happen overnight – too much has happened for that to be the case.

At last Venky’s have listened to what the fans are saying and have responded by communicating with them.

But they’ve got to carry it on now and continue to be open with the supporters.