IF I had a business in, let’s say, Pune in India, and I decided to rock up because the president was in town, I think I would pop along and have a look at the workforce.

So it was a bit bemusing that Balaji and Venkatesh made the round-the-world trip to Blackburn to wave at the Queen, who probably hasn’t a clue who they are, only to go back to India without bothering to watch the match the following day.

Maybe they knew in advance how bad it was going to be?

Either way, it is about time our owners came back for a look at the place on a matchday.

After all the mistakes of their first couple of years in charge they, quite rightly, backed away.

But I think the worst of the bad feeling is subsiding as fortunes on the pitch begin to improve.

Yes we’re unlikely to make the play-offs, but the (I’m going to use the ‘s’ word again) stability is there, we are not in a relegation battle and we have almost challenged for a place in the top six.

There’s been no talk of Ronaldinho, Maradona or Beckham, only ‘proper’ players coming in like Tom Cairney, Rudy Gestede and Craig Conway.

The sorts of players you build a decent Championship club around and the sorts of players who haven’t cost the earth.

We haven’t heard from Venky’s all season and, for the most part, that has probably been a good thing.

But with the season coming to a close and the club, hopefully, ready to have a good go at promotion next season, now is the time for them to reach out to the fans.