FOR Jordan Rhodes to get to 50 goals in 89 appearances is unbelievable – and worrying for me.

I’m starting to panic a bit as he’s still a young kid when you think about it – he’s only 24 – so he’s got plenty of time to catch up with my club record of 194 goals.

I was panicking when Alan Shearer was getting near to me and you just can’t seem to stop Jordan scoring.

He’s had one barren patch this season but that is it.

A lot of strikers have a number of patches throughout the season when they don’t score but it doesn’t happen with him.

He just knows where the goal is – and that is the hardest skill in the game.

Everyone seems to think it’s the easiest thing to do but, believe me, it’s not.

I think a lot of it comes naturally but you’ve still got to have the composure once you get into the position to score – and he’s got in it spades.

It’s very important that we keep hold of Jordan for as long as we can.

If we’re serious of making an assault and trying to do something next season we have to keep hold of our best players – and Jordan is one of them.

If we do keep hold of him I can honestly see him getting close to my record.

I mention next season as that’s what we’ve got to be looking at now.

Drawing the last four games has more or less killed off our chances of making the play-offs.

Now we just have to try and finish the season on a good note and finish as high as we can do.

That starts at home to Ipswich tomorrow and it should be another good game. Mick McCarthy has done a great job there turning the club around and it’s going to be a tough game because, unlike us, they are in the mix for the play-offs.

You know you are in for a hard afternoon when you take on a Mick McCarthy team and if we’ve got any chance of winning, we’ve got to match them first and foremost.

Then we have to try and play the attacking football that we have been showing and which should have got us wins against Watford, Millwall and Brighton.