THE Blackburn Rovers Football Club Action Group, having faded into the background in recent months, have re-emerged.

I noticed after last week’s disappointing defeat to Bournemouth it appeared their members were beginning to become more vocal.

They said the Venky’s Out banners would be dusted off at this weekend’s game against Leicester to remind the owners that they are ‘not wanted’.

How troubling it must be for Gary Bowyer as he does his best for the club that one bad run could lead to a return of the protests.

I wonder if Saturday’s 4-2 win at Huddersfield will change their minds.

If it does, it will show just how petty they really are.

The 4-0 thrashing at Bolton was awful and the defeat to Burnley devastating, if a little inevitable. But it wasn’t particularly deserved.

A lacklustre performance against a Bournemouth side that should have been dispatched with relative ease was, it has to be said, not acceptable, so it was pleasing that Rovers responded the way they did in West Yorkshire.

One bad run. Three games.

That is what it has taken for some to start questioning the manager.

Sack him! Yes, and then what? Who do we bring in that will do a better job.

There have been wholesale changes on the playing staff at Ewood with a great deal of young, inexperienced players coming in.

This has led to an irritating lack of consistency as we start to build a squad that can hopefully achieve greater things going forward.

We have a young side that is still getting to know each other. Let’s face it, we are in one a better position now than we were at this time last season.

Promotion via the play-offs is a distant dream, unless we suddenly discover that elusive consistency and win seven of our remaining 11 games.

But I would say we are looking in far better shape to go at it next season, provided we can maintain the stability that has been instilled at the club this season.

The arrival of Venky’s brought another ugly plague to Ewood Park – a group of fans with no patience and a desire to kick off whenever things go badly.

Venky’s have learned their lesson after 18 months of disaster after disaster.

Rovers now look a lot more stable as a club and are no longer in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

Venky’s have quietened down, receded into the background and allowed the running of the club and the team to be left to those who know best.

So why can’t the protesters do the same?