BLACKBURN Rovers co-owner Venkatesh Rao has vowed to win the club's supporters' "hearts"- after insisting they would do anything it takes to earn a Premier League return.

Speaking in London, ahead of the family's expected Ewood visit tomorrow, Rao said there would be money for manager Michael Appleton in the transfer window.

He said: "No question, Michael Appleton will have the full support of the family. We will do whatsoever to keep him, the team and the fans happy.

"Everyone should work together and the positiveness is we should work together and go for the league, this is the most important message.

"Everyone needs to go up, not look at what has happened behind.

"I am very positive that one day we will win the hearts of the supporters. We are here to give support to the fans and say we are with them.

"We are looking to take the club up and whatever it takes we will do 100 per cent."

Rao also defended the appointment and subsequent sacking of former boss Henning Berg.

"The fans liked Henning Berg," he told Sky Sports. "He was a very popular guy.

"He knew the game, everyone liked him as a manager and he looked brilliant. But unfortunately it didn’t click and a decision had to be taken."