THE inquest starts now. Henning Berg arrived as Blackburn Rovers manager as a club legend and he leaves as a club legend.

The last 10 games should not change his standing at this once proud club.

What his sacking does do though is again highlight what a mess the Ewood Park outfit has become.

Farcical, clueless and a laughing stock are just three words that can be used to sum up Venky’s disastrous two year reign.

The sacking of Steve Kean was Venky’s second chance and they completely blew it. They went against what the fans wanted by taking the huge gamble of appointing the inexperienced Berg (pictured left) and it has failed.

Who was responsible for the decision?

That has to be the question the owners are asking now because they need people they can rely on to make the football decisions at Rovers, something they clearly haven’t got.

It was pretty obvious to us all that chicken farmers from India would have no clue how to effectively run a football club. Why would they? What they needed was people in power to rely on.

They need the exact thing that was in place before they took charge, but we have known that almost ever since Messrs John Williams and co were forced out.

The disastrous appointment of Berg will cost Rovers financially and we are talking about a football club that is already in the mire in that regards.

The club is already staring at a circa £25million loss after relegation from the Premier League and now they need to pay off three coaches and a manager.

A new manager won’t come cheap either – not if they want the right man – and he will surely want cash for January to rebuild the squad.

I hope the Raos have deep pockets.

That was why they could not afford to get the last managerial appointment wrong. We knew it, they knew it and yet they still opted to gamble on the likeable Berg.

Maybe Berg would have succeeded at the Rovers he used to know. He knew what he was talking about and had the respect of most around the club.

The problem is this club is not the one he used to know, it is not the one any of us used to know. It is a shambles from top to bottom, with a working environment that would make any manager’s life difficult.

Many fans have had enough of Venky’s, they have done for a long time now and, following bad decision after bad decision, you can’t blame them.

The problem is who would buy this club at the moment? The club is pretty much worthless when you consider the current financial situation.

I don’t want to be the voice of doom but it is very hard to see a way out. In a ‘dreamworld’ a rich white knight would ride into Rovers and save us all from the clutches of Venky’s.

The thing is that ‘dreamworld’ does not seem to exist.

We are relying on Venky’s salvaging this situation and, after the last two years, why should anyone trust them to start doing things the right way?