Episode 3.


All too often the focus is put on the leadership, the leaders of countries, businesses even football teams, but from time to time, teams can succeed in-spite of poor leadership.

This was certainly the case this week. Chris the Ex-Royal Marine; took charge of the kitchen and ran a very tight ship that allowed his team to produce everything the other half of his team could sell.

His contribution was vital in a week where both team leaders where a shambles.

Shabby, who has qualified as a doctor, no, a Surgeon, was one of the team leaders this week. I was equally perplexed by his background and his approach as to what on earth he was doing here.

As for Melissa, I’m pretty sure I said last week that someone should have locked her in the boot of a car; I strongly wish that had happened.

Along with inventing words, she made a complete hash of her negotiations and clearly does not have the ability to listen or more importantly perform simple arithmetic.

Utterly fundamental skills if you are to succeed in business!

This was a week where both team leaders should have been fired and perhaps Chris should have been given a medal for his efforts.

How Shabby (yes I know his name is Shibby, well not after this performance) could turn up to the hotel with 16 of the 1000 bread rolls is beyond me, he would have been better making something up along the lines of his van had crashed on route or aliens had abducted his head baker, anything to save face. Now normally I would go with honesty, but sometimes you need to save face and he basically admitted to being entirely incompetent.

Well, every year we see a contestant who fancies “having a go at business” – it’s a little bit like me saying, you know what, I fancy having a go at being a doctor, it’s a recipe for disaster.

I wish the production team would only allow people with either business or sales experience. The right man was certainly fired, in the first episode Shabby said when he was little his first word was “Money” not “Mummy” – well I bet he was crying for his Mummy after his visit to the boardroom.