Episode 2.

Beach Accessory.

This week’s show started with the candidates being invited to Heathrow Airport to meet with Lord Sugar, amusingly leaving a few of the candidates thinking they were off abroad.

Essentially this week’s task was about designing and then selling a new product, in this instance a product for holiday makers was the “design brief”.

Stella was excellent as the boy’s team leader, in-spite of being lured into a bikini by a number of the boys, but hey, boys will be boys.

Unfortunately; Laura was a disaster as the girls leader, she completely failed to stamp her authority from the early stages and got out voiced by her mouthy fellow candidates, the girls really did not do themselves any justice this week, with the exception of Stella who I am now putting my money on to at the very least make the final week.

This task as a design task was always going to be won by a good idea, the boys despite coming up with a terrible name for their product did design something that was very saleable.

Although I have to say most people would just take a cool box if they wanted to keep their drinks cool, but has some potential all the same.

The girl’s idea was just pointless and clearly would never sell and only made because they had no other ideas.

In the year that Apple gave us the ipad, this lot want to give us an erect it yourself book holder for the beach??

Very questionable, about as questionable as Laura’s leadership for letting this idea get so far, she really should have silenced the load mouth lady Gaga lookalike much earlier, in-fact, I’d have locked her in the boot of the car.

Amazingly for the first time ever, Synergy didn’t even manage to make a sale!

It seems that Lord Sugar gave Laura the benefit of the doubt, after seeing first-hand the bickering that had been going on the girl’s team.

For me the star this week was Stella for galvanising the boys team and getting a great result.