This week's task was one of the more interesting and creative tasks of the series so far and coming up with the name for the product was a key component.

The "I love my tissue" campaign that Raef, Michael, Claire and Helene came up with was odd to say the least.

On the other team Lee came up with Atishu for his team which was led by Alex and hindered by Lucinda.

Atishu is one of those ideas that once someone comes out with everyone thinks "why did I not think of that?"

A really great idea from Lee, this could well stand him in good stead to get to the final.

Michael and Raef became entangled in the dramatic, creative side of the task and growing increasingly close revealed they had both been in Guys and Dolls. I'm presuming they meant the musical rather than sexual preferences.

This apparently made them ideally placed to write and direct an advert that Peter Jackson would be proud of - or so they thought.

At times it looked as though they were trying to get into the Cannes film festival rather than "shift loads of stock" for Sir Alan.

Every year the artistic tasks seem to expose one or more of the candidates - they seem to get seduced by the artistic content of the task and disappear into a different world, always missing the fundamental business principles of the task.

Last year Katie completely lost it on the art task, thinking she was some kind of art critic.

Unfortunately for Raef, he fell foul of the same trap.

I must admit Raef had grown on me since the first week. He has a rare class about him and I don't mean in the way he speaks, dresses or carries himself.

He was the only person who did not lower himself to the gutter tactics that we have seen from many Apprentice candidates.

Raef is a true gentleman and I truly feel he is far too classy to work for Sir Alan and he will do far better without Sir Alan's job.

Michael getting yet another lucky escape took by surprise, I really thought he would cop it this time.

Sir Alan must see something in him - what, I have no idea.

He was equally culpable for the mistakes that were made as Raef was. Surely they should both have gone?

Lucinda yet again made a total fool of herself but Alex did a good job managing her.

I really think she is as bad a team member as she is good as a team leader.

The question is, is she a control freak, too off-the-wall or a very clever girl who wants to make things difficult for people to make them look like bad man managers?

Personally I think she's unemployable. Regardless of her success leading I don't think she should go all the way