This week's task was even more than normal about product selection, the candidates needed to do some research on their target audience, a simple phone call to the NEC in Birmingham where the event was to be held to find out a little more about the demographic of the customers, average spend at the event, etc would have been of great advantage to them.

Unfortunately neither team did that, and fortunately for one of the teams, their gut instincts were right and sometimes in business that can be just as important.

Business is about risk, calculated risk that is. It was fair to say the big risk that was taken was to sell the expensive wedding dresses.

However, the designer was world renowned, had a customer base and was featured in a number of wedding publications and so probably wasn't as big of a risk as was made out.

In fact, I thought he was the obvious choice, although I have to say, even as a guy with no interest in dresses I thought the designs were fantastic as well.

The choice to sell cakes on the face of it seemed a good idea, until you realise that one of the few decisions the groom gets a call on is the food, including the cake.

The Wedding Show at the NEC is all about brides, their mums and their friends.

It reminds me of when I used to sell cars, often gentlemen would come to look at cars without their wives.

They may buy at some point but seldom before they returned with their other-half for the final decision.

No matter how much Michael and Sara tried they were never going to get the sales they needed on the day without both decision makers being there and they certainly didn't help themselves with their over barring sales techniques.

Wedding dresses and cakes are not the kind of thing you can conduct a hard sell on, you do however need to apply a strategic approach to your selling technique.

As the saying goes "we have two ears and one mouth for a reason", it's important to use a consultative approach to selling these emotional items, ask lots of questions about what the customer is looking for and then help them find something to match their needs.

Michael and Sara were hell bent on selling a particular style of cake and at no point did I see either of them ask a customer exactly what they were looking for.

As for the other team, a number of positives could be taken this week.

Again Lucinda surprised us all by being a very good leader, she must only be comfortable in a leadership role.

She is a very democratic leader and seems to be able to make the big decisions when she needs to.

I have been as equally impressed with her as a leader as I have been un-impressed with her as a team member.

As for the other members of Lucinda's team; is Lee McQueen Soccer AM's "angry fan" in disguise?

What exactly does he do other than borderline self combust while cheering in an almost football fan manner often down the phone, usually shouting things like, "go on team Alpha, GO ON!!!!"

To be fair to Lee he did do very well selling ladies "Fongs", although the shining star of the day selling three wedding dresses for over £5,000 was Claire.

This was even more impressive as all the customers who bought came back to buy from her after speaking to her earlier in the day.

Rafe this week seemed to disappear and not for the first time, he clearly didn't feel comfortable in his role.

It seems that he; a little like Lucinda; is very good as a leader and particularly good at presentations.

I do however harbour reservations as to how your run of the mill member of the public would take him when he tries to sell them something either in the street or at an exhibition?

This week's boardroom was one that really kept me guessing. At one point I really thought the final three were all out of the door.

Sara really shouldn't have got this far, she has no business acumen or sales ability and they are the two fundamental talents needed on The Apprentice.

It seems that the candidates this year were selected on the ridiculously arrogant things they said during the interviews rather than on ability and past success.

That lack of talent certainly meant it was her funeral this week and rightly so.

As for Michael, how on earth did he survive again? I'm starting to think he may really be Sir Alan's secret love child, they do have very similar eyes don't they?

Other than that the only thing I can think is that Sir Alan is going soft in his old age by giving him yet another chance, surely he will be the next to go?