This week's task was to create a selection of greetings cards not previously produced.

I think Kevin's team may have gone a little bit too far - there's a reason nobody has previously designed an environmental card.

But the singles day was a great idea; despite one or two of their customers not being keen on it "piggy backing" on Valentine's Day, I think there is a great opportunity for all those singles on perhaps the second most depressing day in the calendar for them to receive a cheery message.

That is of course the point of sending a card; to put a smile on someone's face, not give them a lecture about global warming, as was the case with Kevin's team.

It is fair to say that Kevin has looked a "plonker" from the very beginning, not just because of his uncanny resemblance to a certain TV comedy character, more his off the wall comments, inability with simple arithmetic on the cooking task and constant referrals to nailing things to the floor.

This task really found him out as a leader. His team had no confidence in him at all, he was easily led and his presentation was far too aggressive and unprepared.

Jennifer Celerier did however introduce the group to the notion of an environmental lecture greeting card.

Had Kevin taken her into the boardroom she may well have been fired and given him a chance to save himself.

Lucinda, after doing a good job last week as leader, went completely workshy again this week.

She disappeared for large sections of the day, messed around with props for a while and by the look of it made tea for the rest of the day.

At the beginning of the series I was well behind Alex to win.

However, in the last few weeks he seems to becoming too much of a game player.

He won't put himself or ideas forward and is just hiding at the back of the group letting others hang themselves.

That's great to get to the interview stages but you really need to put your head on the line and succeed if you are going to win this competition.

Claire is becoming a favourite of Sir Alan's.

During the boardroom, the way he spoke to her was reminiscent of the way he spoke to Ruth Badger on series 2.

He seems to trust her, asked her who to fire before anyone else and complimented her on changing her attitude since they had words.

Maybe he has found a new "Badger"; he surely knows he made a mistake not hiring the real "Badger" on series 2.