This week's task was perhaps one of the more challenging - the teams had to design, manufacture and sell a product to trade.

Most companies considering such a venture would take months in the design stages and setting up production lines and would then go to market with their products on the back of lots of PR and advertising.

To achieve all this in a few short days is no easy task, so hats off to all the candidates for managing to get through the design and manufacturing stages with few problems and actually getting out there and getting deals with some big firms in just one day!

Designing an innovative product is not easy, especially with a product like ice cream.

I mean, just how many flavours have not been tried before?

Avocado and chilli, I suspect that one hasn't been tried. Cider and elderflower, I can't say I've ever seen that before either. So in that respect job done.

I must say I doubt I'd ever order an avocado and chilli-flavoured ice cream myself but you tend to find southern softies are into that kind of thing and they sold it in abundance.

Both teams seemed to get through the production side of the task with few problems.

They certainly had produced enough to sample with their focus groups and prospects.

But it appeared that Claire Young's team forgot to organise a focus group.

They ended up dragging a few 'punters' out of a pub, half intoxicated to sample their ice cream.

Now after a skin full I've been known to enjoy a donner kebab, so just how reliable their opinion was is open to question.

Lucinda's team, however, got a great cross-section of the public, young and old, and put the samples to the vote.

That's exactly what needs to be done with a focus group.

During the production task Lucinda Ledgerwood's sales team made lots of calls to book appointments.

However, they were like a monkey with a gun, randomly calling up people, some of whom actually made their own ice cream.

They did call up the obvious one - cinemas - and more importantly got to speak to the key decision maker, unlike Claire's team.

That got them one of the big deals of the day.

Just as Claire's team had made a schoolboy error of holding a meeting with some middle manager with no authority, Jenny, Lee and Lindi swooped in for the kill at the head office with the chief buyer.

When you are telephone prospecting like the teams were, it's important to select key targets.

They did with the cinema but they really should have expanded that and made appointments with companies who would want to buy their product.

More importantly Claire's team really should have just made more calls than they did, at the start of the selling day they only had two appointments!

Telephone prospecting is more like a marksman hunting, selecting a target and taking it out with just one round, rather than the aforementioned monkey with a gun analogy, just aimlessly letting rounds off!

They should have selected their target customers, made a call to find out who makes the decisions, spoke to them to see if they would be interested and then make an appointment.

How at the end of the day Claire's team ended up with a restaurant that spent £800 with them is on one hand a fluke but on the other hand demonstrates a level of determination and commitment to the cause.

At no point did she put her head down, she just carried on trying to get that big deal and came through.

Perhaps it was not in the right way - you certainly couldn't carry out your job on a daily basis like that - but it won the task for her.

In a competition like this you need an element of luck and she certainly got that.

Once the final three were in the boardroom I had no doubt Lindi was going.

She has made no contribution throughout the whole competition, other than perhaps the 24-hour hotline for the dry cleaners, the idea that cemented my opinion that she's clueless in a business sense.

I did however feel she had performed better on this task than the previous tasks and can sell; a bit anyway.

I was very concerned for Lucinda's state of mind in the boardroom - it looked like she was praying for the most of it.

To her credit she managed her team well and delegated well during the task but I doubt there is much she can do to convince me she has what it takes to go all the way.

However, I think Sir Alan has a soft spot for the blonde-haired, blue eyed girls, so that may be her saving grace.