Another disaster was witnessed on this week's Apprentice.

The girls, who did so well last week, imploded.

Meanwhile the boys managed to put last week's differences aside to crack on with the task.

At first glance it seemed that Jennifer Celerier was not managing the task or her team well - that was certainly the opinion of the panel on the You're Fired show with Adrian Chiles.

I think when you read between the lines - and on a show like this you really need to - it looked to me that Lucinda was sabotaging the task.

She just kept on throwing grenades in, crying, sleeping through a meeting but more importantly refusing to graft during the laundry part of the task.

Jennifer certainly had her work cut out on the task but when one team member becomes that high maintenance it can cause the Project Manager to take their eye off the ball.

Raef was in great form as leader. He delegated well, knew to send half his team to the laundry in plenty of time to get the job done while the other half of the team got some extra late sales in.

Most importantly he carried out some much needed market research before quoting the hotel.

The half of the boy's team who went back to the laundry, Simon, Alex, Ian and Lee did a superb job.

They even made the undesirable task of cleaning laundry look almost fun.

They grafted, sweated and got the job done on time.

Raef really redeemed himself from last week.

Even though he is extremely posh, I think I'll end up liking him.

Not sure if I can see him working for Alan Sugar but on this performance I expect him to get to the later stages.

The girls 24-hour hotline to check up on the progress of your washing was insane. I rolled around laughing at that one They didn't even think to negotiate the price.

One half of the team tagged herself as the best sales person in Europe.

She didn't look like it on that performance, she just sat through the meeting at the hotel and didn't even try to negotiate the price.

Shazia did deserve firing, although I would also have fired Lucinda for being insubordinate and not even getting out of bed on the second day of the task.

Shazia should have either stayed at the laundry or at least handed over her responsibilities to someone properly to avoid the confusion that really hindered the task for the girls.

One of the highlights in the boardroom for me was Claire Young's quality comment; "I don't think he'd want us to do his washing again", about the bloke who's shirts got lost.

Hero - Raef

Villain - Lucinda