ONCE again the EU has reared its ugly head, following on from D Walker of Barrowford’s letter (LT, August 3) in which he stated that the government was considering EU legislation to allow stray cats and dogs to be sold to laboratories for use in experiments.

   How utterly disgusting is this, as is the government trying to get us to believe that it is purely for the benefit of the health and welfare of animals, humans, and don’t forget the environment.

   What about the people who genuinely lose their precious dog or cat through no fault of their own – for instance if it runs away or, worse still, is stolen and later abandoned?

   And finally, where will the money go that the government will no doubt receive for these poor creatures? A little more for the MPs’ pension pot, maybe.

   That only 35 MPs so far have objected to this Bill is horrendous. All MPs should and must vote against this abhorrent idea.

L M Jackson (Mrs), Haslingden Road, Blackburn.