IN Yorkshire they talk about God’s own country, Liverpudlians never tire of shouting about their city and Cockneys will tell you London is the greatest place on Earth.

But in Lancashire, we seem to be as quiet as church mice when it comes to our wonderful county.

The truth of the matter is we have some of the best countryside in the world, we’ve produced a string of great achievers down the decades and when it comes to down-to-earth hospitality and warmth, we have few rivals.

We have tons to shout about but we simply don’t do it enough.

Maybe it’s because we don’t like shouting about ourselves.

We don’t like others doing it so we are reluctant to do it ourselves.

That could be the reason that our councils have given Lancashire Day the cold shoulder.

Or more likely it’s just not on their radar – which quite frankly is unforgivable.

Yes, councils have a lot of huge challenges. These are very tough times. But there has to be room to celebrate our achievements.

So come on, council leaders. Wake up and smell the red roses.