LOTTERY fever swept the country yesterday with the chance to bag a Euromillions jackpot of £166 million.

But for four lucky East Lancashire couples, the feeling of scooping the big one was something they already knew about.

The really brilliant thing is that despite their good fortune and much larger bank accounts, they have remained the people they always were.

For Mark and Jean Fielden, their £1.2 million win in 1998 has allowed them to travel the world.

However, the pair said they could never leave their friends and family and, not wanting to move, they built an extension on their house.

Former bus driver Kevin Halstead may have quit his job, but he doesn’t think he has really changed and still regularly plays the Lotto.

Deborah Mather, who banked £5million six years ago, reckons her biggest extravagances have been a handbag and pair of shoes costing £1,000.

And the newest winners, Geoff and Hilary Bennette, who scooped £3.5million three weeks ago, have still not spent a penny.

It’s all a far cry from Viv Nicholson who vowed to ‘spend, spend, spend’ when she won the pools nearly 50 years ago.

And it shows the good sense that so many people in our area have.