JUST who can we trust?

I’m hoping we can trust politicians, police, journalists and banks, and that the recent revelations and disclosures about phone tapping by the News of the World are not the tip of the iceberg, but the sad misdemeanours of a few renegades.

Perhaps I’m being a little ingenuous, but I’d hate to think that all employed in these professions were just the same.

We really need to be able to trust those who should have our best interests at heart and not have to keep wondering if they are ‘OK’.

It’s so sad that people, who I assume start with the best of intentions, seem to be so easily led astray by power and money.

On the other hand, we, the public, must accept some responsibility. Why?

Because we are avid in our desire to hear and read about the latest dubious goings-on and affairs of celebrities, footballers and MPs.

You just have to look at the magazines in the newsagents — they are full of salacious gossip and revelations that must be continually updated to satisfy the public’s thirst for this sort of information.