THERE’S nothing new about schools and teenagers clashing over what they look like when they go to school.

Different styles of clothing, make-up and jewellery are all frequent areas of confrontation between teachers and pupils not to mention definitions of what consitutes an acceptable haircut.

At 6ft 2inches tall it’s certainly true that Harrison Cerami is far bigger than the average 15-year-old and must stand out in the playground.

But, although he may look a lot older than he is, it is difficult to understand exactly why that means he should be allowed to grow a beard.

If he had a medical condition which was backed up by a doctor’s note saying he should be exempted from having to shave you would expect a school to agree with it.

As things stand though Ribblesdale High School does not let pupils grow beards. A line has been drawn and a rule is a rule.

Harrison will have many years ahead of him during which he can sport as much facial hair as he wants.

Meantime perhaps his family should be throwing their support behind the school.