DYLAN Ramsay was enjoying the sunshine with friends, just weeks before the start of the summer holidays.

But tragically, the group of pals chose to swim in an old quarry lake and Dylan, 13, lost his life.

First and foremost, our thoughts must go out to Dylan’s devastated family and friends.

He sounds like an absolutely lovely lad who helped his neighbours and was known for being polite and cheerful. In short, Dylan was a real credit to his family.

Reading his mother’s words and her absolute grief, there could not be any starker message about the dangers of open water.

But each year there are similar tragedies and you have to wonder why the message does not seem to be getting through.

Perhaps police and schools need to team up again to educate youngsters.

Or alternatively, perhaps a high-profile advertising campaign is needed in the media to raise awareness.

However, in the short-term, let’s hope other local youngsters learn from Dylan’s awful plight.