PUPILS are being tested far more than in previous years. Some headteachers feel frustrated with the controversial SATs exams and have decided to ditch them. They feel the exams for 10 and 11-year-olds would be better replaced by internal assessment.

Their concerns are supported by the National Association for Headteachers which has claimed SATs are instrumental in damaging the quality, variety and enjoyment of education for children.

Most of all, they dislike league tables drawn up from the results, which they say does not give a true reflection of their work.

Parents do have a right to know how their children are progress-ing but even they have backed the boycott. They say their children are being put under a ‘lot of stress and pressure’.

Learning should be a fun experience for primary school children and not about performance figures.

It is right that there should be more focus on subjects such English and maths to help improve standards.

Let us hope the new govern-ment looks carefully at the education system to give headteachers more freedom to decide what is best for their pupils.