JUST when you thought it was over, the MPs’ expenses scandal has been reignited.

Following a review by Sir Thomas Legg, hundreds of MPs have been asked to repay money. This has caused controversy among some MPs as it is being ‘backdated’ for a number of years on claims that were within the rules at the time.

So far, two of our MPs have discovered they are among those asked to hand back cash.

Blackburn MP and Justice Secretary Jack Straw happily repaid £600 for what he says was for ‘incorrect adding up’ of his 2004 expenses.

Meanwhile, the fees office wants £800 back in ground rent and service charges for Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans’s London second home. But he said he wanted to ensure that it was his mistake before making a repayment.

Other East Lancashire MPs say they have not yet received letters notifying them of any requests from Sir Thomas.

Whatever their demands, MPs should simply pay back the cash.

It is no good returning to the argument ‘that it was in the rules’. The public has been outraged at some of the expense claims and do not feel MPs should have been allowed to make the claims.

MPs earn a basic £60,000 before they have claimed a single expense. That money is beyond the wildest dreams of most in East Lancs.

And that is why MPs should follow Mr Straw’s lead, show they are still in touch with ordinary folk and make repayments without hesitation.