This last week has been truly remarkable for Hollie and her family.

We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to all her supporters.

Hollie has been overwhelmed with love and support from across the world.

Yesterday she received her first piece of fan mail.

All the way from America. She is now busy making a 'Thank you' card to send back.

The cards and flowers she has received are truly spurring her on.

Unbelievably, Hollie doesn’t think she is that good at singing.

The warmth and support she has received is building her confidence and we are sure if she does get’s through to the live finals this will make a tremendous difference.

Among the post today was a letter from the editor of a national newspaper.

It apologises for upsetting Hollie by misleading the general public with quotes she didn’t make.

She wants to tell the world she didn’t say Simon Cowell was a bully, and she certainly didn’t say she was going to beat Susan.

She actually tells her friends “I am going to try my best to beat Susan and I hope I’m as good as her”

Every Saturday night we all sit down around the T.V and watch the next instalment of Britain’s Got Talent.

Every week without fail there is more remarkable talent, Hollie always looks a little worried but we always tell her “forget the rest, you go out on that stage and try your best and have lots of fun.”

Just like any 10-year-old little girl, Hollie is extremely excited at the possibility of having a top London designer make her a beautiful pink dress.

And the chance to have singing lessons with the world famous opera singer Yvie Burnett she says is “a dream come true”.

Yvie has given many famous faces from X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent her expert help and guidance in past years and one of Hollie’s favourite singers is Alexandra Burke.

Finally, we have chosen two songs for Hollie to sing if she gets through to the next round.

We hope and pray people aren’t disappointed. The first song is a beautiful world wide classic.

We really think if Hollie does the song justice, she will melt people’s hearts.

The second song is something bigger and better than she has ever sung before, a classic theatre song that you certainly wouldn’t expect a tiny 10-year-old to sing. Fingers crossed everyone and thanks again for your support.

Hollie & Mum x