THE loss of 260 jobs is a terrible blow to East Lancashire.

CD manufacturer Entertainment Distribution Company’s (EDC) announcement that its factory in Whitebirk will shut in December shocked business leaders and workers.

Mike Damms, of East Lancashire’s Chamber of Commerce, said the closure was the most significant blow to the area’s manufacturing section since the recession started.

Workers, many of whom have worked at the factory for a number of years, now face the tough task of having to find new jobs.

The closure of the factory has been blamed on the decline in popularity of CDs as more people download their music. But the collapse of Woolworths earlier this year also had an impact as contracts to produce CDs for them were lost.

It highlights how the demise of one business can have a knock-on effect to other firms. Hopefully the decision to close EDC will not result in the closure of any more businesses.

This recession has already caused a large number of job losses in East Lancashire. High profile businesses including Mercer’s in Blackburn and coach firm Fraser Eagle are amongst the casualties.

Facilities need to be put in place to help everyone who has lost their jobs. EDC is unlikely to be the last business to make staff redundant during the recession.

That’s why it is so important for help to be on hand for those unlucky enough to be laid off.