ANOTHER teenager killed. Below this headline this week, smaller print noted the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s Origin of Species book. The items are not unrelated.

Teaching six generations of kids that they are merely evolved hairless apes is criminal Maybe even murder! A bit OTT?

Who’s guiltier: the one who teaches that only the strongest most violent survive to evolve, or the one who puts that teaching into practice with a gun or knife?

A third article I read was a remarkable interview with biology professor Dr Gary Parker who discovered that “the scientific data actually argues against evolution”.

Our kids are killing each other on the basis of an increasingly unscientific lie.

Dr P pursued his doctoral studies in biology and geology, eventually concluding that Noah’s biblical flood explained the present state of Planet Earth better than his college text books.

Age-of-earth dating methods were so shot through with confusion that a fellow professor told Dr, “If creationists ever get hold of this they’d have a field day.” Fossils are fragments of guesswork and many new finds mean palaeontologists have to rewrite rickety theories.

Gary also noted the impossibility of time and chance producing our beautiful and complex planet.

Just as phosphorus, glass and copper work together to make a television only if arranged by human engineers, so DNA and protein will work in productive harmony only if properly ordered by an outside creative agent.

Ignoring this Agent and his loving ways is killing us one by one.