BROWSING the crisp aisle of my local newsagent I was horrified to discover that Space Raiders are no longer 10p.

I almost had to ask the man behind the counter for a chair to sit down.

Space Raiders have been 10p for ever. Literally. Well, it feels like it, at least.

The only product in the history of the world to resist inflation, the salvation of schoolkids everywhere who had a solitary 10p for the tuck shop near the bus stop on the way home from school.

It turns out many of us feel passionate about this issue - there's even a Facebook group called "A line has been crossed when Space Raiders are no longer 10p" with almost 52,000 members.

It's the youth of today I feel sorry for.

They may carry knives, happy-slap each other senseless and start smoking at eight years old, but who can blame them without that so-strong-they-make-you-wince pickled onion flavour maize snack?

Tsk, what's happening to this country?

I ask you.