We are always hearing the complaint from teenagers that there is nothing for them to do in the evenings and during school or college holidays.

A perceived lack of youth clubs, sports facilities and places to "chill out" is often held up as a reason, or to be blunt an excuse, for why some young people have been behaving badly.

There might well be some substance to the claims.

Youngsters do enjoy chatting to each other and if there is no place for them to gather then they are likely to do it in the street or a park.

Even if they don't cause trouble some people can find the presence of a group of teenagers, especially at night, intimidating or threatening.

But the case for more facilities is wrecked by actions like those of the youngsters who caused thousands of pounds worth of damage at Waves by throwing a fire extinguisher through the window.

The yobs also forced the temporary closure of the complex on a day when many teenagers would have made use of it because their schools are on holiday It's difficult to think of an act of vandalism more stupid or damaging to the cause of better youth facilities.