IF the driving test was a driver, it would have needed to apply for a new licence by now.

That’s because the examination is 80 years old.

Once drivers reach 70 years of age, they are expected to renew their licence every three years.

So maybe, after eight decades, it’s time the test itself was overhauled somewhat.

Driving conditions have changed beyond belief in the past 80 years - cars have become hugely more powerful, roads incredibly busier and attitudes of those behind the wheel have altered.

The suggestions made by East Lancashire’s driving instructors seem like a reasonable starting point.

Motorway driving is like no other form, so specific lessons would seem sensible.

And we only have to look at how our roads seize up at the slightest dusting of snow to know that poor-weather coaching would be an invaluable aid.

Driving is the key to freedom and independence for many.

An overhaul would help to ensure drivers, particularly younger people who are more likely to be involved in fatal accidents, were better equipped for getting behind the wheel of what can be a very dangerous machine.