After six long years and thousands upon thousands of lives lost, this day 70 years ago was vigorously celebrated as the end of the Second World War.

After huddling around the ‘wireless’ for confirmation of the news, impromptu parties were thrown in the streets and more than a million people celebrated the end of the European war in London.

In fact, many began to rejoice straight away rather than waiting for the official day of celebration, VE Day.

There was a massive sense of relief after years of austerity and rationing.

It sparks memories of the images we’re all so familiar with of people deliriously happy, drinking and hugging strangers.

That was all part of the day but many people interviewed across the media this week have also said it was a time for reflection and for pain because of the losses so many had experienced.

But for most it was still a hugely happy day and it’s right that we commemorate it and never forget the sacrifices made.

So whether you’re joining a street party, attending a parade or simply marking the two minutes’ silence, we must all do our bit to celebrate the extraordinary generation who played such an important role in defending our country.