THE Prime Minister has called on the country to be ‘far more muscular’ about being British.

The plea by David Cameron has been supported by East Lancashire MPs Graham Jones, Nigel Evans and Gordon Birtwistle provided national pride was about tolerance, fairness and democracy.

They have also been echoed by Lancashire Council of Mosques’ Abdul Hamid Qureshi.

Mr Cameron has said it was time British people were less ‘bashful’ about promoting national values and institutions.

And if we are honest he does have a point.

As a nation we are modest. We all know we love to queue and compared to some nations we are very subdued.

But as a country we have lots to be proud of. We are a nation that rallies in a crisis and one that has an immense community spirit.

When Prince George was born for example, the nation was glued to the TV and flooded the streets of London to find out how he was doing.

Then look at cancer sufferer Stephen Sutton. At just 19-years-old he was able to inspire people to donate more than £3m to The Teenage Cancer Trust during his final days battling bowel cancer.

With a heart-warming bucket list and celebrity retweet on Twitter, Stephen managed to unite a nation regardless of ethnicity to stand united against a killer disease.

We need to celebrate all things British more often and remind the youth of today just how lucky they are to live in a democratic community.