WHAT the Bishop of Burnley went through following the town’s riots in 2001 must have been a terrible ordeal.

His reward for being a clergyman only wanting the best for the area was death threats and abusive letters.

He received four phone calls from people threatening him with baseball bats and white substance through the post which was meant to look like deadly anthrax powder.

At the time, he was heavily involved with a task force which was working to get to the bottom of the unrest.

The group also sought to improve inter-faith relationships in the town.

Thankfully we have moved on from those distressing times and the far right have found themselves sidelined in Burnley.

But let us not pretend that in some areas we still don’t have parallel societies.

The Bishop, who is now retiring after 14 years in the post, has created a great foundation upon which to work.

Now community leaders must take hold of the baton and continue to bring people of all races and religions together so everyone can live in peace and harmony.