THINK film locations and exotic, far-flung places spring to mind. But, these days, landmarks much closer to home are being chosen as the centrepieces for well-known films and television series.

East Lancashire’s historic architecture is catching the eye of film-makers, and tourism chiefs reckon it added around £1million to the county economy last year.

One of the most famous examples is the Queen Street Mill in Burnley which was used for the Oscar-winning The King’s Speech starring Colin Firth.

So it is great news to hear that many more of our gems and photogenic locations are now being actively marketed to film crews.

A special database will see Towneley Hall in Burnley, the Haworth Museum and Art Gallery in Accrington, Turton Tower and others promoted as potential venues.

It all means Lancashire’s landmarks will be shown at their very best and, as a knock-on effect, visitor numbers will be boosted, along with nearby businesses where visitors buy food, drinks and spend their money.

At a time when many businesses and organisations are looking to diversify, let’s shout about what’s great in Lancashire.