ALTHOUGH this winter has so far proved less troublesome than previous years, it is important to remember that some of East Lancashire’s older residents will still be feeling the chill.

Temperatures will be down to just two or three degrees every night this week and it is easy to forget those who may be watching their wallets and not putting their heating on.

People across the area have been showing their support for Bobble Day which highlights the importance of wearing a cheap, simple hat to keep warm – and keep well.

Last year’s Good Neighbours Awards, due to be launched for a second year in the Lancashire Telegraph this Friday, uncovered some heart-warming tales of neighbourly help and support.

And although we all lead busy lives, the awards proved that community spirit is alive and well in East Lancashire.

It’s so important to keep an eye out for our neighbours, particularly the elderly and infirm. It’s no exaggeration to say that a quick hello and a cup of tea can be a real live-saver.