VIDEO stunts and drinking games are nothing new but the internet craze known as Neck and Nominate is causing widespread concern and genuine fears for public health.

‘Downing’ dangerous amounts of alcohol at high speed before carrying out a sometimes dangerous dare is becoming a growing trend.

Across the country, the ‘game’ has spawned extreme and outlandish videos with people seen jumping off bridges into icy rivers for their ‘dare’.

In East Lancashire, some people have uploaded videos to Facebook showing them drinking disgusting cocktails including vomit.

And although the councillors named as taking part in the game were involved in less sinister examples, they are, by association, endorsing the binge-drinking craze.

Health professionals and fellow politicians have wasted little time in rounding on them and criticising their behaviour.

As elected representatives, they really need to set a more responsible example.

And more people clearly need to follow the lead of the DJ in Cornwall who politely declined a request to take part in the game. In doing so, he attracted support from thousands of people who obviously think the craze has got out of hand, particularly since it was linked to two deaths.