THEY are the knights in shining armour who come to the rescue when disaster strikes.

Whether it be an accident or a medical emergency, our ambulance crews work tirelessly, 24/7 to save lives.

Ambulance staff undertake a difficult and challenging job in often extreme situations.

So why is it that the very people who are called to help, are repeatedly becoming the targets of attacks and assaults themselves?

Yet again, a North West Ambulance Service worker has been injured in the line of duty.

This time, a technician kicked in the face and in left need of hospital treatment after she tried to help a patient.

In Scotland, a ‘booze culture’ has been blamed for a rise in the problems, and alcohol certainly seems to play a part in many of the cases seen in East Lancashire.

In the majority of incidents, the approaching siren, blue lights and the uniform are rays of hope in an often seemingly hopeless situation.

But for a mindless minority, it’s time to sober up and show some respect for our lifesavers - after all, you might be the ones who needs their help and compassion next.