EAST Lancashire’s moorland can be breathtaking in its stark beauty.

Now plans are afoot to protect it alongside the moors of the South Pennines in Yorkshire by creating a ‘regional park’.

While campaigners say they would love the area to become a National Park, similar to the Lake District, Peak District and Yorkshire Dales, they admit at the moment the Government is unlikely to have the money to make the change.

But a regional park would be a major step towards that end.

In the UK areas including the Pentland Hills, in Scotland, and Lee Valley, in Hertfordshire, have already been designated regional parks.

They require less investment from Government but can still bring about economic, environmental and social benefits through partnership work.

Land scarred by industry can be returned back to nature and help can be given to boost both flora and fauna.

If given the go ahead it would mean the attractions of our area can reach out to bring in more tourists.

And at the same time some of our most important landscapes can be preserved for the future.