NOBODY wants to see people, especially teenagers, fighting on our streets.

The video footage of two men brawling in Blackburn is nothing short of ugly.

And pictures of two youths in a punch-up, surrounded by around 50 teenagers, will make parents think twice about what their children are doing.

Fears are growing that this sort of mindless behaviour is on the increase after a website showed more than 45 different brawls.

Some of these fights shown on the Facebook page are not planned but others are organised.

The Fight Central page also shows two men attacking each other on a train.

There is no reason for many of the fights, just men trying to claim the bragging rights.

But such violence could have deadly consequences.

The story of Adam Rogers, who was killed by a single punch, should serve as a warning to anyone thinking about using violence against another person.

People engaged in organised fighting should be ashamed of themselves.

They are not only putting their own lives at risk but someone else’s.

People who film these brawls should report them to the police instead of posting them online.