IT IS a case which will bring a tear to any dog lover’s eye.

Richard Heys allowed his pet dog Piggles to suffer an agonising death from starvation.

He left her unattended for a month in squalid conditions at his rented house.

RSPCA inspectors described it as a pitiful sight when they found her body, curled up on a couch covered in maggots.

It must have been heartbreaking to see an animal treated in such a way.

Thankfully, most dogs are well looked after by their owners.

On the whole they are loyal, loveable creatures who deserve nothing but the best treatment.

In this case Heys’s actions were beyond the pale.

Many will think his suspended prison sentence and fine go nowhere near in terms of the penalty he should have received.

Until we start jailing morons like Heys, we are going to continue to hear about appalling acts of cruelty.

In the meantime, it falls upon us all to report any suspicious maltreatment of pets.