A LOT of emphasis is rightly being put by doctors on encouraging healthy living.

It makes sense for a financially-challenged National Health Service to do all it can to keep people out of hospitals and surgeries.

The relatively new East Lancashire Clinical Commissioning Group has taken this concept a step further than mere poster campaigns, urging people to eat wisely and take exercise.

They have allocated £5,000 for Ski Rossendale where patients can be referred by the GP or hospital to take part in a 12-week programme on the dry ski slope.

The idea is that tuition will help people who have suffered injury or ill health to regain posture, balance and self-confidence.

Clearly the fresh air and exercise is going to improve general fitness levels, too.

At the same time, the ‘Ski to Recovery Project’ is an extra boost for Ski Rossendale which has recently suffered financial problems of its own.

This is an excellent innovation, although cynics might worry about one issue that could arise.

Skiing is not an injury-free sport, and some recoveries might be slowed down – by the odd broken arm, wrist or leg!