FOOTBALL players have been dominating the news for all the wrong reasons.

The news that Rovers' DJ Campbell is at the centre of an investigation into football fixing is disturbing but let's remember at this stage players are innocent until proven guilty.

But if the allegations are proven to be true, any player found guilty of accepting money to get booked or fix a game should be kicked out of the sport for good.

The football authorities need to make their investigations as far ranging as possible to reassure the public that out national sport is totally clean.

Players are, after all, an inspiration to millions of fans, especially children who look up to these stars.

This was perfectly illustrated yesterday when Burnley's players visited the children's ward at Royal Blackburn Hospital.

Gifts were dished out to poorly youngsters, many of whom may have to spend Christmas in hospital, by top stars such as Danny Ings and Kieran Trippier and Clarets boss Sean Dyche.

With all the negative publicity surrounding football at the moment, it was nice to see players come out into the community to give something back.