“ORLANDO – well that’s just for kids isn’t it?”

Tell anyone you are heading off to Florida’s sun-drenched theme-park filled capital and they’ll immediately want to know how many kids are going and where you’re taking them.

Well it doesn’t have to be so – Orlando deals in the universal currency of fun – and yes, even we adults like a bit of fun now and then when we’re not on the 9 to 5 work treadmill.

And when you’re flying British Airways Club Class, the fun begins as soon as you board the flight. The swivel-out seat incorporates dining facilities, a bed, entertainment console and takes the pain out of flying – perfect for a special occasion. In fact, I stepped off ten hours later in Florida and felt more relaxed than I had on a short-haul hop to the continent with the requisite five inches of legroom.

Our base for the stay was the sumptuous five-star Waldorf Astoria Orlando - the closest non-Disney hotel to Disney and Epcot and just 15-minutes from Universal Studios and SeaWorld. Boasting a championship golf course, luxury spa by Guerlain and a host of restaurants bringing tastes of New York to Orlando.

Everywhere the staff’s smiling faces and attentiveness was a constant reminder at just how terrible we are at customer service in the UK.

On arrival, we dined at the Bull and Bear Steakhouse - little suspecting the dizzying gastronomic delights that laid in store. A tasting menu overseen by the hotel's executive chef brought wave after wave of phenomenal dishes - from dainty devilled eggs with truffle to a tennis racquet-sized 'tomahawk' rib of beef and Dover sole, carved table-side - on the same plate! Dessert was a three-part extravaganza itself, the centrepiece of which was a hollowed-out lemon, filled with a delicate lemon cream which was deliciously light and not a little bizarre!

Our suites were fabulously impressive - covering more square footage than many homes in the UK. I was delighted to find a 50-inch plasma in the living area – and even more thrilled to find another facing the most comfortable king-sized bed imaginable in the separate bedroom. You could’ve spent a week just milling around the room and hotel – but no, we’re on the lookout for fun!

At SeaWorld, we took in three shows throughout the day which showcased everything park is renowned for. The knockabout sealion/seal show was loved by all ages (even me despite the mime artist mocking my follically-challenged state!) and the Shamu killer whale show is a marvel of mammalian endeavour - both of the land-based and water-based variety. The main dolphin show is incredible - not least for the human acrobats whose skill could grace any circus.

Research and rescue is an important part of the SeaWorld philosophy and we were lucky enough to get a behind-the-scenes tour of its facility which houses injured manatees, dolphins and other creatures who have needed help from their experts.

SeaWorld is home to several rollercoasters – we tried the truly terrifying Manta and the terrifying-but-ever-so-slightly-less pant-moistening Kraken. The Manta has a unique riding position which tips you forward 90 degrees and tries to recreate the movement of the creatures which are one of the park’s big attractions.

At various points jets of water are fired at the hapless riders and I was lucky enough to be hit by one such gusher – which created an embarrassing wet patch to say the least. Never mind – it was hot and so only a momentary problem. The Kraken was a more traditional rollercoaster which ducked and dived at breakneck speed and was utterly thrilling.

Discovery Cove is a tropical island all-inclusive day resort where you can relax on pristine, albeit man-made, beaches and take part in a number of animal-related activities - the headline one being swimming with dolphins. Visitors get wetsuited-up and explore the attractions on offer - snorkelling with rays and tropical fish, feeding tropical birds in the aviary or floating along the Wind-Away River for a spot of relaxation. It's a far cry from the turnstiles and queues you find elsewhere in Orlando.

But of course, the main attraction of Discovery Cove is the chance to get up close to one of the resort's 40 dolphins. Each group is allocated a trainer and we were introduced to our dolphin Aries who appeared in a trice and swam up and down the group allowing the chance to pet her. With a few swift hand signals she zoomed off to the centre of the pool and performed a triple somersault and effortless re-entry. Truly amazing.

After a dozen more amazing set-pieces, we swam out into the middle of the huge pool to await our turn for Rocky, a bigger male dolphin, to escort us back to the ‘shore’. After taking a firm hold, man and dolphin were soon hurtling effortlessly through the water – a magic moment only slightly tempered by the fact his flipper was whacking me in the groin as we glided along!

We were also lucky enough to sample, SeaVenture, an underwater walking tour where you get to experience that ‘under the sea’ feeling. In a giant tank filled with tropical fish and rays, we came eye-to-eye with sharks through a huge panoramic window – who luckily weren’t riled by being gawped at by ten berks with fish tanks on their heads.

Of course, if you are looking for a little fun without any little ones to encumber you, the restaurants, bars and other attractions of the vast Downtown Disney, like a town but without the boring bits, is perfect.

But for our grand finale, we went to see the award-winning show at the Treasure Tavern – definitely something no child should ever see. Imagine Pirates of the Caribbean, crossed with Carry On and the Muppet Show, set in a Berni Inn and you get somewhere close.

Struggling – well it’s fair to say we were when we entered the building to be accosted by characters in fancy dress but as the evening wore on and the wine bottles accumulated, the bawdy comedy show interspersed with innuendo-laden songs to accompany each course became utterly, heart-stoppingly hilarious. The cast are also big on audience participation and watching one of your group be spanked by the ‘madame’ of the establishment is, of course, very funny indeed – when it’s not happening to you!

After all that fun and hi-jinks, the perfect morning-after relaxation appointment was in the hotel’s Guerlain spa. Champagne and 45-minute massage with bespoke oils followed by a Jacuzzi and sauna is the ONLY way to see off a hangover.

  • British Airways offer a seven night stay at the five star Waldorf Astoria, Orlando from £1339 per person based on May 2012 departures. The price includes return BA flights from Gatwick and accommodation only. For reservations visit ba.com/orlando or call 0844 493 0758