A MOTION has been submitted in Parliament to save Rossendale Transport from the hands of potential corporate buyers.

Janet Anderson, MP for Rossendale, is among the politicians who signed the motion to support the staff at the council-run bus company, who have been fearing for their jobs for over a month.

Rossendale Council, which runs the company, revealed it is looking at the possibility of selling the service in the future despite making a profit from Rossendale Transport.

Mrs Anderson, said: “Rossendale Transport is one of the most successful local authority bus companies in the country.

“Everybody who uses buses in the borough state how good the service is, and the people who work for the company are very dedicated.

“To sell Rossendale Transport would make no sense at all.”

Paul Rowen, MP for Rochdale, tabled the motion in Parliament this week.

He said: “The privatisation of Rossendale Transport would be absolutely catastrophic for the community.

“Here in Rochdale I know that they serve many housing estates which would not have a service otherwise.

Coun Tony Swain, leader of the council, said: “The council’s previous position has not changed.

“Any decision about the future of the bus company will be taken by councillors after they have taken all the factors and relevant information into consideration.”