Police had to ask a group of youths to leave a reservoir today after they were found swimming in the water.

Rossendale Police say they were called to reports of youths swimming in Cowm Reservoir, Whitworth, and had to explain the dangers of this to the group.

Every year people lose their lives swimming in open water such as this reservoir.

Rossendale Police said: "Today we have received calls regarding youths swimming in Cowm Reservoir, Whitworth. Officers have been to the Reservoir to ask youths to leave the water and explain the dangers of swimming in Reservoirs and Quarry's.

"Although some may think this is harmless and that the youths are doing nothing wrong this in fact extremely dangerous.

"We understand the weather is nice and that the water is appealing in high temperatures but please refrain from entering open water.

"You may be an experienced and strong swimmer who will be able to cope with the coldness of the water but unfortunately every year there are numerous of young people who lose their life due to swimming in Reservoirs."