A FREELANCE group exercise instructor will complete a half-marathon on a treadmill to raise funds for surgery on a rescue dog that has been badly abused by his previous owner.

Greyhound Seb was saved by a neighbour as he was about to be shot by his former owner.

The dejected and almost catatonic animal was taken to Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue where it transpired that he needed both hips replacing as they were horribly dislocated; the lifesaving surgery will cost up to £10,000.

Haslingden High School Headteacher Mark Jackson’s Personal Assistant Kay Turner is no stranger to raising money and has taken the plight of Seb as a personal challenge.

Kay, who has a rescue cat, said: “I have been following Rossendale Responsible Animal Rescue online and started finding out about the work they did. When I read the story of Seb it broke my heart.

“I held a Weleda party in November and from my commission, a raffle and donations raised £130.

“I have already raised a further £60 which has gone directly to Seb’s hip fund account at Shuttleworth Vets in Rawtenstall. I intend to carry on fundraising for Seb and have a few more plans in mind.

“I was having tea with my friend Tracey Entwistle from Rawtenstall and told her about Seb. Tracey had already seen one of the postings on Facebook and told me that it had really upset her.

“Tracey is a freelance group exercise instructor and offered to undertake a sponsored half-marathon on a treadmill at DW in Blackburn on Christmas Eve morning for the appeal.

“He needs every penny he can get at the moment; he is a broken but beautiful little boy.”

Seb is 15 months old and comes from Rossendale. He had been kept in a shed and was severely malnourished. His legs were different lengths because he had two dislocated hips and so had compensated in order to walk.

He is now building up his weight and muscles to prepare for having both hips replaced and is also receiving hydrotherapy treatment in a swimming pool.

Kay said: “He was too frightened even to lift his head when food was put in front of him. His story just broke my heart.”