DOZENS of vehicles have been vandalised by a ‘careless individual’ it has been claimed.

Police said deep scratches were found on several vehicles in Market Street in Whitworth, between Monday, September 25, at 9pm and Tuesday, September 26, at 8am.

Officers have been speaking with residents and searching for CCTV to track down those responsible.

Cllr Andrew Neal who represents the area on Rossendale Borough Council, said several cars had also been targeted in Tonnacliffe Road and Tonnacliffe Way.

He said: “It is vandalism, that is what this is at the end of the day.

“Some people think it was kids, however I think this is one individual who needs a strong word in his ear.

“You cannot go around and damage people’s cars, what sort of gain or pleasure does someone get out of that?

“This sort of damage can be expensive and inconvenient to repair. There was a spate of this a few years ago and sadly it has returned.”

Cllr Neal, of Tonnacliffe Road, asked his neighbours to get in touch with him so he can check his CCTV and hand in potential evidence to the police.

He said: “I’m hoping my cameras have picked something up because it would be good to catch this person.

“I need people to give me times and dates so I can search for movement.

“The individual has upset a lot of people and it was completely uncalled for.

“My car was targeted a long time ago by vandals, so I can completely sympathise with those involved this time.

“I do hope this person sees the light and hands themself in to the police, apologises and pays for the damage caused.”

A police spokesman said the vehicles had been ‘keyed’, causing deep scratches and repairs for many people.

He said: “We have been conducting enquiries with victims, neighbours and looking at CCTV. We have also made enquiries with Greater Manchester Police.

“We are appealing for information to identify the offenders and asking residents to check their CCTV to see if it captures who is responsible.

“People can contact the police at any time if they see anyone acting suspiciously.

“We thank everyone for their support, lets keep Whitworth safe.

“If anyone has any information regarding this matter, they should contact police on 101 and quote LC-20170928-0252.”